How To Love And Understand Someone In Emotional Pain

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For some of us, making things happen in our lives is not as hard to do as it is for other people. There are some people who truly have been through some tremulous times in their lives and it hinders them in so many ways from accomplishing their dreams. It’s not that these people don’t have great ideas, ambition, work ethic, or drive in them, it’s just that the pain of their past hinders them from accomplishing the dreams of their future. We cannot look down on people just because they may not have accomplished as much as we have in our lives. Some people just deal with pain differently than others. If we’d be honest, some of us just haven’t gone through some of the things that other people have gone through. Instead of putting people down because they may not have accomplished a lot in their lives, we have to support and love on them so that they can make their dreams come true just as we have.

For some people, just the thought of making something special happen out of their lives after all the things they have faced in their past is a struggle to do at times. People’s lives are never what we think they are, even when we carry smiles on our faces or tell each other that we’re ok when we know deep down we really are not. There are so many dreams that have went unaccomplished, ideas that have went unrealized, inventions that have gone uncreated because people cannot overcome the pain of their past. It’s up to us to help people realize that even with all that they have been through in their lives they can still make every idea, every dream, and every passion that they have deep down come to happen. There are a few steps which must be looked into and completed when trying to love people past their pain:

1. DON’T JUDGE – Be Open to What the Past Pain May Have Been: You will meet people who have went through some of the most heinous circumstances in their lives. It’s not your place to complain or judge. Learn how to listen, be attentive, and sympathetic. You have to know that it’s hard and sometimes embarrassing trying to share what we have been through and it’s comforting to have someone we can trust and believe in with our most hurtful situations.

2. YOU DON’T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS – Be Realistic & Helpful 100%: There are times where we have to be real with ourselves and know that we do not have all the answers to every person’s situation. Especially if we have not gone through or we have not done the research on the situations ourselves. It’s better to do the research and ask for help instead of giving our opinion on situations we do not have answers about. Learn to lead people to the best experts and to be open to getting them the best advice on how they can get past their pain and work their way into their dreams again.

3. HELP SHOW THEM THE WAY – Show Them Real Life Triumph Stories: Single Mothers, YES, they can graduate from College! Rape Victims, YES, they can be married and have families! People who grew up Poor, YES, they can run a successful business and have a great life for themselves! You have to show people real life, true stories of how people just like them have overcame the hardest of obstacles and still lived successful lives. They may struggle with thinking about how they can do it. The more positivity they see, the more than they can see success in their own lives.

It’s time to show people that their lives can still be anything that they want them to be, even after all the pain they have gone through. It takes time, it takes a lot of effort, and it takes a lot of love. Show people how even after all the hardships, that greater days for them are ahead for them if they can get past what they have gone through and know that it’s not going defeat them or keep them down. Let us love on one another today, as we give our all to helping people get past their pain and help them put their PASSION INTO ACTION!

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