7 Productive Things to Do While You’re Waiting On Your Breakthrough

5. Surround Yourself With Encouraging People.

I cannot even begin to describe the importance of fellowship with people that desire to see you strive in your walk.

When we’ve been in a perpetual state of waiting for months or even years it can be very discouraging.

And what’s worse is we may find ourselves living out the old adage “misery loves company.” That is why it’s important to surround yourself with mature Christians who will invest in and mentor you during this waiting season.

Surrounding ourselves with Scripture, wise friends, godly books and praise music will not only lift our spirits but also reinforce His love and promises while we wait.

Life is about relationships and I am the first to admit people can be the last thing on my mind as my to-do list stares me in the face and my inbox grows by the minute.

Yet it’s my friends and family who make it full, make it worth it, and keep me going. So, as I am faithful to those in front of me, I am reminded that it’s in these relationships where the waiting is more than bearable.