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3 Women Who Shattered Glass Ceilings In The Bible

Mary Magdalene

After making appearances in pop culture, movies, and the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, it’s no wonder that Mary Magdalene has earned a bad reputation.

There are plenty of men that see her as a wanton disciple or a reformed prostitute. However, Mary Magdalene was actually one of the most steadfast women of the Bible.

In Luke 8, Mary Magdalene was referred to as the woman “from whom seven demons have gone out” (Luke 8:2).

Jesus was known for casting out demons and healing the sick. The Bible tells us that Mary used her curse to fuel her calling when she left home to follow Him.

Mary was one of Christ’s most dedicated followers. She stayed with Jesus during His crucifixion and burial, when all of His male disciples had abandoned Him.

Mary Magdalene was also the first person to see Jesus after the resurrection. She had the honor of telling His male disciples that He had conquered death.

Despite the many attempts to discredit her, Mary is still revered for her unwavering faith and dedication to the cause of Christ.

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