4 Ways to Know if God is Happy With Your Relationship

Your relationship with Christ does not lie in the hands of your mate

If you only want to go to church, praise God, or pick up a bible when they see fit, then you are worshipping them, Not God.

It’s good to have a bible study partner, an accountability partner, a prayer partner, and even better if you have a mate who is all of these things, but cherish your own personal time with God.

Make sure you spend time alone with God as well. You need moments of reading the Bible, journaling or praying just between you and God.

Many times today our relationships take priority and they eventually become our idols. In many cases we don’t even realize it.

It starts out as the overly obsessed love of one another. We need to remember to always put God first, to love Him with our whole being, and make sure all our motives and actions start with Christ and the love He instills in us.

Love that becomes a God, becomes a demon.