6 Ways to Keep God at the Head of Your Family

Ways to Keep God at the Head of Your Family

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6 Ways to Keep God at the Head of Your Family

We know God through His creations, just as we know an author through his books.

With God, though, the creations are epic in scale—the universe, nature, the animals, and our very bodies, to name a few.

But just as every author has notable works that speak the hearts of the masses, so does God have his—the family.

Families reveal God’s character better than anything else.

The love between husband and wife allows us a glimpse at the love of God for creation, and the experience of parenthood gives us a look at how God feels about His children.

Family provides a structure in which we grow during our most vulnerable years, a place to get learn how to interact with others in safety.

Family is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, and one of our best windows into His character.

This is only so, though, if we keep Him as the head of our families.

A non-Christian family can, of course, be perfectly happy—but because our actions are reflected through our worldview, it won’t be the active example of God’s character that the world desperately needs to see.

Consider these 6 ways to keep God at the head of your family, and be that beacon the world needs…