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4 Things We Should Remember About Faith

things to remember about faith


It’s easy to have faith when everything is going well – when bills are paid, you’re gainfully employed, and your health and relationships are good. But what about when any or all of that is in question? That’s typically when the “what-ifs” put our faith to the test.

However, true faith is about letting God take the wheel rather than spinning in our attempts to control or over-correct. It’s about trusting God when it isn’t easy, when we are facing the unknown and have the option of choosing faith or fear.

Faith, as we know, is a necessity for our lives. In fact, along with hope and love, it is the most vital. And, as such, we must have faith with regard to every aspect of our lives and trust that God has our best interest in mind, while doing our part with regard to free will.

But, as with hope and love, we sometimes have difficulty holding onto faith. When doubt arises, it is important to remember four facts about faith that will help keep us anchored and unmoved by fear.

Here are 4 Things To Remember About Faith…