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No Date, No Problem: 3 Things I Love About Being Single

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no date no problem

I see people, mostly women my age, worrying to the point of panicking when marital status is discussed. Marriage, it seems to them, gives a sort of security and without a ring around their finger to signify they are “taken”, they are doomed!

Not for me. I am at this stage where I am certain I love exactly where I am —this blissful stage of singleness. Do not get me wrong. Like every normal woman, I also take down mental notes on how I want my wedding to be; from the motif, entourage, reception, and the ultimate wedding gown. I also have a list of the possible names I would give my future mini-ME.

There’s a lot of things I love about being single. Here’s a few:


This is what I sometimes refer to as my planting season. I believe this is where God is molding, fixing and honing me into the perfect partner and parent He intends me to be. This is when He teaches me to budget my resources, sort out my priorities, manage my tasks, balance my time and develop a sense of responsibility. A daily real-life learning process where I realize my values and obligations as an individual, and discover my skills and gifts that can bless others. He provides me with opportunities to choose my preferred way of living, ministry to serve, places to see and explore and meet people who can be potential future partners.

Time alone with God, myself and my loved ones

Since being single means having more than enough time for my Me-time, it brings me closer to the Original Author of Romance. Instead of going out on a date, I stay at home read the Bible or other inspirational reading materials, write in my journal, meet with same minded individuals who help nourish my soul, or simply spend some quiet time with Him. Of course I do normal stuff like go out and watch a movie etc.

But more importantly, my Me-time has helped growing my relationship with God deeper from Creator-creation to Father-Daughter and Best of friends. He allows me to have more time reflecting on and about life. Moreover, I am able to spend more quantity and quality time with my family and friends. Simply put, being single has blessed me in a way by being more grateful and being a blessing to the people surrounding me. People who care and accept me. This is the perfect time for me to shower them with the gift of time and good memories.


Not dating—yet, is my Heavenly Father’s way of protecting me from heartbreak after heartbreak. He protects me from those He knows is not good for my being: liars, cheaters, and possible abusers. He really knows what’s best and prepares the perfect time to give it to me.

Being alone is not always akin to being lonely. More often than not, it is the exact opposite of it. It is an experience of exceptional freedom. A time to enjoy life at its fullest; without guilt, hesitations, or distractions. The perfect opportunity for growth and choosing wisely for our future and those of our loved ones. Ali Smith wrote in her book that singleness brings protection, provision, proximity and preparation. I could not agree more.

Indeed, life is exuberantly joyful and fun when you are single, especially when you have a great God who guides your every step.