3 Questions to Ask Yourself When God Asks You to Give up Something

Why don’t I want to give it up?

Maybe you don’t want to end a relationship because you feel as though your life would be void of love, or maybe you don’t want to leave your job because you think it’s what you’re made to do.

Whatever it is that’s stopping you from letting go needs to be addressed.

Once we identify and are honest with ourselves and God about why we don’t want to give something up, then we can confront those concerns head on and unpack them.


Written by The Praying Woman

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Great article. Would love to print it out to read again when I’m away from the computer. Any possibility of making your articles printable?

the things that are not good for us,we need to give up.we need discernment.God will not go contrary to His word,so talk to God if this is from Him or not.

Never easy at all !!

Thank you Jesus Amen



Thanks. A Good Read.

I learned – Just listen , God has your Best Interest.

But its never easy.


A good one Tina Johnson

Marie Cooper.true!xxx

Ana Lutuaco Moreno

Monique Daniels

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