4 Topics Every Christian Couple Should Discuss Before Marriage

2. Emotional Baggage.

Each of us has experienced pain in our lives. We’ve been scarred from living in a fallen world.

Some may have been abused. Some may have had their hearts broken. Some may experienced great loss as a child.

Whatever the emotional baggage may be, it’s best not to ignore it by getting married.

If you need to enlist the help of a biblically-based counselor or therapist, do it. You can thank me later.

If they are not Biblically based, be very cautious about trying to make any sense of spiritual issues with a secular therapist. It usually will only make things worse.

An example from my own marriage: A few years into my marriage, I realized that because of the pain I had experienced in a relationship prior to meeting my husband, I was afraid to confront him when I thought he was wrong.

I needed to find the courage to speak the truth to him at all costs. When I began to do that, our relationship deepened.

I still struggle with it to this day, but we are more consciously aware of my tendency not to say anything for fear of pushing people away.

Check out your baggage before boarding the marriage train. I am not saying you should call it off as result, but just be aware of what baggage the two of you have and be open to the reality that you are likely to discover more once that train leaves the station.