4 Ways To Cope With Grief and Loss During the Holidays

Talk about it- 

Talk to your closest friends, family, or grief therapist.

Talk about your grief. Please know it is normal to cry.

A powerful scripture is tucked away in the book of John. The most powerful man that every walked our earth demonstrated healthy grief at the loss of a loved one.

Jesus wept. Weeping empties our soul of pain. Scripture speaks of how crying gives way to joy.

Psalm 30:5 Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

God promises the gift of joy, even after loss.

Scripture teaches that God never intended us to be eternal creatures in this broken world.

Loss can take on a different meaning when we view it from God’s perspective. His plans for us are greater.

On this side of eternity, we all will experience loss. Living through loss creates sensitivity to all suffering. Loss develops our compassion for others experiencing pain.

God continually provides His presence for us in our times of need. He uses His people to walk out His presence.

God continually reminds us that we are not alone in times of pain. He restores our souls. After all is said and done, God remains.   

Lanise Shortell

Written by Lanise Shortell


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