5 Godly Habits That Keep Us Close to God

1. Spending Quality Time with God

It’s amazing to me the amount of times I’ve caught myself complaining about a problem, or worrying about a situation and realizing I never even brought my concerns before the Lord.

It’s not that I didn’t intend to. It’s just that instead of waking up early to pray, I hit snooze three times and then sprinted to the dryer after remembering the kids’ uniforms were still a’soaking.

It sounds awful to say, but it can be so difficult to find daily time for God, especially when living the hectic family schedule we call normal.

But we have it all backwards. When we make God our priority, which means finding time for Him no matter what…amazing things happen.

Our time somehow increases. Things fall into place, and we receive answers to the problems awaiting us through the day, because we’re connected to the source of life itself.

“Seek first the Kingdom,” means putting our relationship with God before all else-the Pilates class, the creative project, even the ministry- and making time for Him, no matter what.

Starting your day out with God, not only dispels the instant chaos assaulting our brains within a minute of consciousness-finding the school permission forms, impending deadlines- and places everything under God’s authority.

Trusting Him to see you through every circumstance, celebrating with you through the minor successes of the day – “found matching socks for all THREE kids…holla!!” and letting Him know He’s Lord.

I’m a more patient mother, a more positive staff member, more effective ministry leader when I start my day with the Lord.

All God wants is our hearts. He knows we’ll miss so much guidance, joy, peace and protection, if we think blasting our Hillsong in the car while driving 80 miles per hour to work can replace our quiet time.

Set aside time with Him, and prepare to be amazed.