5 Godly Habits That Keep Us Close to God

2. Staying Active

We can only be aligned with God, and really see him move in our lives when we’re in an active love relationship with him.

Keyword: active. I think many of us experience that wild and crazy “first love” feeling in the early stages of our relationship with God, and then kind of let things “simmer” later on in life, when families, job obligations and worldly comforts snuff out that desperate need to get away and spend time with Him.

We become “mature Christians,” and reassure ourselves that we have a solid understanding of the Word, we know God loves us, and we’re doing just fine.

This would be like never spending quality time or talking to our spouse, and reassuring ourselves they love us because he/she told us so at the altar twenty years ago.

We’re not built like that, and our relationship with God is no different.

To be our best selves, let alone of any use to our spouses, children or ministries, we have to stay connected to Him constantly. We do this through worship and prayer time with Him.

Make it a point to study and reflect on scripture that relays God’s love toward you. Personalize the verses, and read them aloud to yourself.

Zephaniah 3:17 comes to mind, where it describes God “rejoicing over us with singing.” In this chaotic, increasingly-worldly and sometimes terrifying world we live, we need to center ourselves in God’s love in a personal way, in order to retain our peace, joy and ability to love others.

So many of us busy ourselves trying to serve Him, evangelize or further a ministry and God’s just wanting the opportunity to be first in our lives.

Don’t let any person, responsibility or activity replace our pursuit of being loved by Him and loving Him.