5 Godly Habits That Keep Us Close to God

4. Worshipping

Worship has always been my favorite and best way to connect with God.

It doesn’t matter when or where-the car, the gym, running, and even while I’m at work (thank you iphone ear buds) –not a day goes by I don’t have my worship music blaring, thanking Him for who He is, and all that he’s done for me.

So much scripture is dedicated to God expressing His desire to be worshipped.

All of heaven is in a state of perpetual worship, and I think God instructs us to worship for our own good.

When we really live out Psalm 100-“Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth…worship the LORD with gladness”- our spirit aligns with His.

Our stress and worries take their rightful place under his authority, and we’re instantly drawn closer to the Lord.