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Fighting To Get Back On Track


Prayer Request:

I need help. My heart and feelings have been broken for the past 3 weeks. This guy I was dating for about 2 months told me one day, He doesn’t know if he wants to be with me or his ex and wants me to wait on him to make a decision. Since then, I have cut off communication with him and blocked his numbers and all social sites that we were connected to. The reason is because our “relationship” wasn’t Godly. It was full of sin. I had been on the road to Jesus for awhile and I threw all my morals out the window for this guy. Now I’m stuck with the hurt and pain from that and it just won’t go away. Since this has happened, I have fallen off with my bible study and praying but I still attend church weekly. I really want the thoughts of him to stop, my heart to be restored and to be back to the path I was on with God before I even met him. But it’s so hard. It’s like the enemy won’t let me forget about him. Can you please pray for me? I know it’s going to take a lot of hard work on my end. Last night I started doing my bible study again and praying so I know it takes time. Maybe if I am lifted up in prayer my heart and mind will start to focus on Jesus again.

Please join us in prayer. Any advice for this young lady?