Good Idea or Bad Idea: Remaining Friends With Your Ex’s Family?

We’ve all been there. The breakup, the heartache, and the mixed emotions. You try so hard to move on with your life, but there’s one thing that’s holding you back… Your ex is still coming around your family!

Do you:

1. Ask your family/ friends to cut all ties with your ex?

2. Get an understanding , Set boundaries, and make sure no lines are crossed?

3. Do nothing? Maybe one day you guys will get back together.

What if the situation was reversed? Could you remain close to your ex’s family? If so, maybe you should ask yourself this question…

Would it make you uncomfortable if your spouse’s ex was still showing up at all of the family events?

Although everyone’s breakup and relationship is different, what I want to know is, do you think it is a good idea or a bad idea to continue a relationship with an ex’s family members?