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When Overcoming Sexual Temptation Seems Impossible

Living in the world of entertainment or any “worldly” business as a professional woman is a daunting task. You are constantly faced with temptation and rampant sin, a life you no longer subscribe to when you give your life to Jesus.

In life, you can’t just hit the unsubscribe button and no longer have to see, hear, or experience those temptations and influences. Sure you could hide away like I see so many Christians do.

However, while I believe that having a strong faith inner circle and prayer partners are key to getting through this spiritual journey we call life, it’s also important to be able to live and love in this world without being OF this world.

One of the most important levels we all need to get to as Christian women is to be able to walk into the Lions den as Daniel did and come out unscathed. 

We must work on our prayer life – alone time to talk with God, bible study, fellowship, and fasting to work those spiritual muscles into being able to do the heavy lifting. 

We need to get so strong in each area of our lives that sin can be not only at our fingertips, but wrapped around us or even crushing our chests and still we persevere.

It was recently my birthday but I was also celebrating a more important day: five years of celibacy. Somehow my ex-boyfriend, the man I have loved more than anyone and who is NOT living a Christian lifestyle came knocking again on my spiritual door. 

This time I knew Satan wasn’t using it as a temptation as much as God was using it to show me how far I’ve come.

If ever in my life there was a perfect storm, a perfect temptation, it would be him. Standing in front of me was a gorgeous, funny, brilliant successful non-celibate man that I’m madly in love with, whether I like it or not.

Everything in this world that I could possibly want was in my arms. And guess what?  In The Lord’s presence and in the midst of that beautiful Lion there was not a moment that I took my eyes off the Lord.

The Holy Spirit was resting upon me with such force there was not one moment where I was not acutely aware that I would not give up my celibacy, not because I wanted to “follow a rule” but because Jesus gave me his heart and I knew if I were to have sex, I would not only hurt myself by being out of God’s will, but I would hurt Jesus.

The old me, before my conversion, would have jumped at the chance to be fully loved by this man.  Now, however, the Holy Spirit leads me in all truth and convicts my heart.

Now I am a strong warrior, in Christ who strengthens me.

Though my kryptonite was there right in front of me, the love of Jesus, the breath God puts into my lungs, and the gifts bestowed on me by the Holy Spirit far outweigh anything this or any man could give me.

Without God we can do nothing but with Him, all things are possible.

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