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Marriage Isn’t About Your Happiness

marriage is not about your happiness
The following is an adapted excerpt from the new book, Choosing Marriage: Why It Has To Start With We > Me, and is used with permission. Did you ever think someone could show you love through a bologna sandwich? I didn’t think so either. Until I found out that my then-boyfriend-now-husband (a poor, broke, medical school student at the time) spent close to...

6 Ways to Know You’re in a Christ-Centered Marriage

christ centered marriage
Your marriage not only matters to you, it matters to God! Here are 6 Ways to Know You're in a Christ-Centered Marriage...

10 Tips to Get You Ready for Your Future Husband

get ready for future husband
Are you praying for your future spouse, but not asking God to open your heart, mind and eyes? Here are 10 Tips to Get You Ready for Your Future Husband...