Early Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

Lumps are perhaps the most obvious sign of breast cancer. It is a good habit to feel your breasts every so often for abnormalities. If you feel a lump, call a professional immediately. There is a good chance that the lump is not cancerous, and the lump can be nothing but scar tissue. At the same time, there is a chance that the lumps could be a sign of breast cancer, so it is important to take these lumps seriously.

Skin Inflammation
If your skin is inflamed and changes from your normal skin color to a more pink or red tone, this could be a sign of breast cancer.

Skin Swelling
Many breast cancer patients have noted a difference in their skin in regards to swelling prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer. If your cup size becomes significantly larger, this could be a sign of breast cancer.

Nipple Discharge
Nipple discharge is another common symptom of breast cancer. If you are not pregnant and your nipples seem to be lactating, consult a specialist immediately.

Skin Texture
If your skin’s texture becomes similar to that of an orange, or just different altogether, this could be an early warning of breast cancer. A number of conditions can contribute to a change in skin texture, including basic moisturizing, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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