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My Son Is Embarrassed and Ashamed Of Me


I never thought I would be doing this, but I am in desperate need of prayers. I’m an obese woman. Weighing over 400lbs. I have always been big, but never this big. Recently, I have noticed that my son doesn’t want to be seen with me. He has a girlfriend. He has introduced her to most of the rest of the family but for some reason I have not met her. He lives with me but he always goes to visit her at her home. I think this is because he is ashamed of me. He’s a senior in High School and plays football. Every time I want to go to a game, he always makes up some excuse why I shouldn’t come. “You need to work. Don’t worry about my game”. ,”None of the other parents come”. I have heard every excuse there is. It hurts my feelings so much, I cry myself to sleep at night. It’s bad enough I have to deal with this kind of behavior from strangers, but it hurts when it’s your own flesh and blood. Someone you gave life to. He treats me so cold like I have done something to intentionally hurt him. I have asked him why is he ashamed of me? But he denies that he is. But it’s so obvious. I have tried going to parent-teacher meetings, but he swears that if I go to his school he would run away and never come back. That was like a knife in my heart. My fear is that when he is able to move out on his own, he will disown me. My prayer is that God will soften my son’s heart toward me. I pray that God will somehow make him realize that he only has one mother and once I’m gone from this earth, that’s it! He won’t be able to say “I love you”, invite me to a football game, or nothing! Please keep us in your prayers.

The Praying Woman
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