10 Relationship Goals Every Christian Couple Should Have

2. Respect 

It is important that both of you set boundaries and stick to them.

When I was dating, I had a very controlling boyfriend. He tried to control everything about me. What I did, Why I did it, Where I went, Who I was with, When I was to return, and How I lived period!

This bothered me, so when I got married, I carried this defensive attitude into my marriage. Just the simplest question from my husband would turn into a big blow up because I was constantly on defense. I was determined not to allow another man control me the way my ex did.

But ladies, this is the wrong attitude to have. It’s a matter of being respectful. It didn’t take me long to figure out that this attitude wasn’t going to work in my marriage.

Some people may have friends outside of their relationship, either from school, work, or church. Again… The key here is boundaries.