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3 Biblical Truths About Envy And Jealousy



3 Biblical Truths About Envy And Jealousy

1. Jealousy can lead to your downfall.

For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice. – James 3:16

“Oh, did you see … and …?” “Look at her, girl I’d love to have her… ”

Jealousy. In the bible, we see that Saul was jealous of David, but to note, Saul brought his troubles upon himself.

A tool created by the devil. Jealousy will cause people to act strange and even harm people to the point of death.

What those who have this spirit upon them fail to realize is that they have their own set of gifts and blessings that God has given them, so why envy someone else and their blessing?

Also, some people with this spirit feel threatened by someone who appears to be higher than them; notice I said appear.

Just because the gift may be wrapped with the finest wrapping paper and most beautiful bow, what it holds inside may be rotten to the core.

Jealous people often times feel insecure, powerless, and doubt themselves about getting what they are jealous about.