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3 Powerful Ways to Prepare For Your Breakthrough



Life is filled with sanctifying tensions. Sin meets grace. Obstacles spark growth. Pain yields to joy. There are dark periods where we cry, often followed by light moments where we laugh.

But sometimes we get stuck.

When we’re stuck, we stay on the dark side, unable to reach the light. Sin feels undefeated. Obstacles don’t give way. Suffering persists.

Often we aren’t in a state of crisis or chaos.

We just feel stuck.

Life is just not what it could be. We aren’t moving forward. Everything feels like it is on hold.

And if we were honest with ourselves, it’s like being a frog in water slowly, slowly rising in temperature.

There’s nothing really wrong – but we know if we stay where we are, we’re in hot water filled with regret and dissatisfaction.

Have you felt this way? Maybe you feel that way right now.

Since a breakthrough can mean different things to different people, the first step is identifying whether or not you actually need a breakthrough.

Here are 3 Ways to Prepare For The Breakthrough You’re Praying For…