4 Ways To Discern If An Open Door Is From God

4. The Door Opens by Itself

I touched on this briefly in the second paragraph, but this is a bit different. You know the automatic doors you find at the stores? These doors open because they have an electronic eye and they can sense when someone’s about to walk into the store.

In the same way, we might have to simply try to go through a door that’s shut at the moment to see if God wants us to walk through it. There may be no reason for God to open a door until He sees you are going to walk through it.

He may be waiting for you to “go” before you can “enter” and watching for you to take that first step of faith.


I am not saying that you must have all of these indications. God will make it clear to you in time. Until then, pray to God, seek His will, and counsel with others.

Start taking steps to go through a door that might seem closed for now. Perhaps God is waiting to see if you’ll trust Him to take the first step