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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Seem to Get Ahead

Why You Can't Seem to Get Ahead

Ever wondered why you can’t seem to get ahead?

Surrendering to God’s agenda in and through us requires a clear view of the agendas we have prescribed for ourselves.

Most people’s lists of things they consider important would include personal peace, happiness, comfort, prosperity, security, friends, good health, fulfilling experiences, and reaching their full potential.

The above list should make the need for our surrender obvious, for those plans often conflict or ignore God’s plan for us.

It’s true that God may and often does provide for us measures of peace, prosperity, position, fulfillment, and other things on our lists, but our surrender to God’s plan is a statement that we will not live for these things (emphasis mine).

They are not the things that drive us, but are simply side benefits that come through the sovereign pleasure of God.

Let’s never forget the great benefit to God’s glory and kingdom that has come through the lives of thousands of people who have surrendered to agendas beyond their own.

Some have gone to faraway lands as missionaries. Mothers have surrendered careers and opportunities for significance to teach their children God’s truth.

Fathers have changed careers or turned down promotions that conflicted with God’s will for them or their families.

Are you tired of going through it? Does It seem as though you’ll never move beyond your obstacles?

Here are 4 Reasons Why You Can’t Seem to Get Ahead…