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A Prayer to Start Your Morning

morning prayer

morning prayer

Morning Prayer

Father in Heaven,

I give you today and all my days.

I pray your steadfast love will penetrate and preserve my spirit in the assurance that your love is enough for me and ALL that I need.

May your will not only be done in all I do this day, but may you give me a discerning heart to carry out your plans and incredible redeemed purpose for my life.

May I be attuned to the unique gifts you have created within me so that I may reach others for your Name.

And with these unique purposes and gifts given specifically to me, may I not allow them to lie in waste or be sacrificed for anyone or anything, but may I daily give them to you and USE them as a thank you for your eternal love and to show others the power of Your name.

Give me a heart of forgiveness for those who may sin against me and cleanse my heart of any impurities that will weigh down my witness or understanding that your love for me is enough.

Bind the enemy and allow me to be discerning of the specific lies and doubts he uses to stifle me in my purpose for you.

Cover me with your spiritual protection as I walk in your light, letting the entertaining angels cover the paths I walk unknown.

Allow me to abide completely in trusting you, knowing that my view is only a partial mirror image of what you can see and know is best for my life.

I pray in Your name Jesus that you will this day, not simply give me what I want but what you know I need to fulfill your kingdom purpose for my life.

Lord, I proclaim that I will stand on the promise that you have control of all in my life, and the assurance that I don’t need to fix things because I can trust your eternal and good plans for me.

I know Lord, that the promise of your plan for my life will be carried out as my faith remains in you alone and you will not only direct my steps but re-direct them when I fail to walk the path that you have graciously designed for my life.

It is not just remnants of grace but your holy provision that conquers my soul and I leave mine into your more than capable and loving heart because you are a good, good father.

Give me open hands lifted to receive the blessings of your provision today and the trust that you alone will sustain it in grace, purpose it in love and guide it in truth.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


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