Alicia Mckenzie

Alicia Mckenzie
Alicia Mckenzie is a writer and speaker seeking to encourage women in embracing their calling to live in their purpose for Christ.

A Prayer to Start Your Morning

morning prayer
When your day starts with prayer and ends with prayer, there’s no need to worry about anything else in between.

Choose Faith Over Fear

faith over fear
It is only through Christ alone that we gain the strength to conquer Faith over Fear and Bravery over Weakness.

Be Still And Know…

Be Still And Know
Whatever it is you're worrying about today... I want to encourage you to be still and know that God is already working it out.

An Open Letter to My Single Sisters In Christ

open letter to single sisters
Dear Single Ladies, In a world where a date can be set-up at the drive through pace of social media, we must use wisdom as a virtue and God’s word as our guide. A ship will be lost without a navigational system and if we are going out in the dating world, without God as our compass, then we too will...

3 Promises to Hold on to During Trials and Tribulations

trials and tribulations
Going through trials and tribulations?... Just know there's nothing that you are facing now, that God cannot restore, deliver or redeem.

3 Straightforward Ways to Pray For Your Frenemies

Not everyone will be happy about your happiness. Pay more attention to your creator than your critics.

God’s Grace Is Greater Than Your Guilt

woman full of guilt
If certain people keep reminding you of your past, don't hesitate to make them a part of it.

5 Signs You Are Chasing Him

Here are 5 ways to know if you are chasing a man and 5 key verses to keep you stay grounded in your relationship with Christ first.

5 Ways to Know It’s Time to Let Him Go

let him go
Sometimes we stay in relationships longer than we should. But how do you know when it’s time to let him go? Here are 5 ways to know it’s time to let him go...

4 Benefits of Godly Friendships

godly friendships
Instead of an attitude of "what can I get from you?", Godly friendships will show us a selfless attitude of, "how can I serve you?"