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An Open Letter to My Single Sisters In Christ

open letter to single sisters

open letter to single sisters

Dear Single Ladies,

In a world where a date can be set-up at the drive through pace of social media, we must use wisdom as a virtue and God’s word as our guide.

A ship will be lost without a navigational system and if we are going out in the dating world, without God as our compass, then we too will end up lost.

That is why walking in wisdom of His word, as women of the word is essential.

Living our lives as Proverbs 31 women, lets us set the precedence of who we are in Christ, and how we allow ourselves to be treated by others.

When we know our value is in the Lord, we can carry ourselves with His integrity.

In Proverbs 8:11, it says that, ‘Wisdom is more precious than rubies and nothing you desire can compare with her’.

The truth is someone’s true character is revealed over time, and time is not of the essence when it comes to Christian dating. It is better to ‘wait and watch’ than ‘hurry and scurry’ later.

Recently, God has been teaching me just that. This week I received some ill-willed and unwanted messages from random men on my social media accounts. And the realization sunk in; the world can be a stormy place to steer through.

In the world, there are genuine Christian men who truly love and seek the Lord.

However, there are also men who we meet in our journey, who are ‘Counterfeit Christians’, claiming to follow Christ but not living like Christ.

Some men will prey on women to compromise their character as a mean to their own gain. That is why we need the word of God in our hearts and His spirit as our guiding one.

My dad has always told me, ‘Don’t listen to what someone says, watch what they do’.

Some of the men that messaged me had bible verses galore on their social media accounts. They messaged me saying, ‘I am praying for you’ and ‘I hope your day is blessed’.

But something didn’t sit right in my spirit. I later found out that these men were following inappropriate accounts, or ‘friends’ that subjected women and sexualized them.

Yes, they followed Christian ones at the top of their accounts but as I scrolled down they also followed pornographic ones.

Sometimes we can rush into a relationship too quickly, because we want to feel loved. Not taking wisdom and patience to heart, our hearts can end up broken and bruised.

There is no replacement for time and no protection better than guarding our hearts; the well spring of His life in us.

If you are interested in someone, don’t give your heart away too quickly. Take the time to be in prayer and live in wisdom.

Have someone show you who they are. Let them reveal their character to see if their character is in Christ. This might save us all a little bit of heartache.

When we trust God’s timing and use discernment, His wisdom will be our guide and He will never steer us in the wrong direction.

You are worth far more than rubies. (Proverbs 31:10)

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