3 Straightforward Ways to Pray For Your Frenemies


3 Ways to Pray For Your Frenemies

Frenemies- Most of us have had them, but how do we pray for them?

Life is sometimes not easy to navigate, but with God’s guidance we can show His love to those in our life who need it the most.

There are people that we will meet in life who mirror an image of a true friend.

However, at times we can discover that the friendship mirror is actually broken. It’s not built on a firm foundation of love and trust.

Some friends can even harbor feelings of anger or resentment towards us. They may have even hardened their hearts, wishing us harm instead of good.

Speaking plainly, a frenemy, is a ‘fake friend’. I’m sure we can all relate to a time when we thought we had a genuine friend, only to realize that the friendship was never true or valid.

If we’re honest, at times, we may have been that person too.

Here are 3 ways to pray for our Frenemies…

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Crystal A Nelson

Leave me alone please….thank you

Tobechi G Eze Eze

But is 2ru

Thelma Kapampa

Its true

Frost Carlene

Jane Bornholm a good read and one to act out even though it’s hard to do. But with God within us anything is possible!

Kimi Valencia

Hannah Magat

Brina Doc

Great Advice

Dee Young


Karen Taylor

Great just take it to Jesus he will repay but we are to pray for enemies

Adriane Caron

I’ve had them live in my home, borrow money that I didn’t see again, make up all sorts of lies, and pretend to be the victim when it all fell down around their ears. God bless them. They will need it.

Nopapa Razzi

thank you Lord for continuing to keep my heart. help me to remain sober in all areas, give me immense courage, and help me do better guarding my heart. We are crucified with Christ, NEVERTHELESS I LIVE, yet not I but Christ liveth in me. Forever grateful!

Wilhelmina Blue

So true!!!

Angelina Dowdell

When it comes to that god be testing u out to see how strong your u either stick with man r work with god

Mba-ogbodo Ifeoma

Very true.my family has a frenemy.when my mum and sibling’s were going through tough times.she always comes around.surprisingly, things turned around, she stopped coming and started cooking up all sorts of stories.

Queengrace Peter


Dalryn Van Cuylenberg

Experienced a few of them Being away with friends and acquaintances brings out the true colours in ppl. O my gosh how insecure can ppl get.

Fredricka Wright

So true. There are people that envy you going to the beauty parlor. The truly dangerous frenemy envy you for having had parents because they didn’t have parents. Sad souls.

Jennifer Lajoie Muanza

Syntiche Brenny Bittaa

Vicky Nkirote

well spoken

Thelma Louise

Amen to that ! As for me and my household, I’m gone trust in the Lord. Sometimes you gotta love people from afar.

Khosi Zulu

Keep a distance

Thelma Louise


Eve Jerome