7 Quick Ways to Start Your Mornings With God

mornings with god

Starting our morning with God opens the door for inspiration, direction, and protection in our lives.

But how do we do that when it seems the moment our feet hit the floor life is flying by at a million miles a minute?

Between getting kids ready for school, myself ready for work, and the thousand and one things that come up in between, some mornings I’m lucky to leave the house with matching clothes and brushed teeth.

Forget about quiet mediation time with God. I’m just trying to find my shoes and remember my kids’ names.

However, on the days that I do invite God into my day, things seem to go better. I feel better, I can see better, I can be better.

And isn’t that what we all want, divine help throughout the day from the God who created and cares for us?

But how can we find time for Him with the demands of each new day?

Here are 7 things you can do to start your morning with God.

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