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    When Father’s Day is Bitter Sweet- 3 Ways to Process Your Feelings


    For Father’s day, you celebrate a few men in your life: Your neighbor, That random dad in Target with the kids, your friend’s husband, and other relatives, but when it comes to your own father things gets complicated. While idyllic images of fathers and daughters flood social media channels, you […]

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    The Truth About Self Hatred and Low Self-Esteem

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    “I was teased growing up,” I began.  “For three years, male and female tweens talked about the size of my nose, the color of my skin, my skinny legs, and non existent breast,” I continued.  Initially, I had no intentions of divulging my adolescent tale of woe with the fourth […]

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    3 Biblical Reasons To Break Up With Fear

    break up with fear

    For as long as I can remember, I have had an on-again-off-again relationship with fear.  Initially, he took the role of a protector, much like a father or a big brother would, however his presence soon turned controlling.  His reign rendered me the cowardly lion: afraid to live with him […]

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    For The Woman Who Longs To Be Cherished

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    By design we want the fairytale. Flowers, Adoration, Chocolates, Chivalry, Gifts & the elaborate pursuit If we know what we desire, why is it that so many women ­ married and single ­ do not receive it? Often finding ourselves in unsatisfying relationships. We attempt to pressure, coerce, and manipulate the man in […]