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    4 Healthy Boundaries To Have When Dating

    The world of dating is full of uncertainty. “Should I reply to this message?” “Should I flirt back?” “Should I try a second date?” Sometimes we find ourselves swept away in the possibility of a new relationship, only to find ourselves dropped out the other end of a dump truck. […]

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    Three Biblical “Don’ts” to Breaking Up

    The number of romantic relationships that initiate online grows every day. Not only do we have digital means of discovering home towns, previous relationships, and taste in books and movies, we have a whole new way of communicating, too. As the way we date has changed over the years, so […]

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    Are You Turning Away, Against, or Towards Your Mate?

    There are many ways to find a mate in this day and age. Some people rely on meeting others through their local church. Others through their friends and family. And relatively recently, more and more people are starting to meet online. However, regardless of how people meet and connect, making […]