6 Necessary Steps To Break Spiritual Strongholds

Break Spiritual Strongholds

Are you finding it difficult to break spiritual strongholds?

Whether you’re dealing with adultery, fornicating, drug addiction, over-eating, or whatever “it” may be for you… I’m here to tell you, you can overcome it!

Here are 6 Necessary Steps To Break Spiritual Strongholds:

1. Identify The Problem.

Before you can break spiritual strongholds, you must first admit that there is a problem.

Is it sinful?

Is it keeping you from being a better version of yourself?

Do you feel guilty every time you do it?

Now that you have identified your spiritual strongholds, it’s time to identify it’s triggers:

Are you tempted mainly when you are stressed? When you are with certain people? When you are feeling lonely? Certain times of the day/month/year? etc. We all deal with things differently. So naturally we will have different triggers.

Once you identify your trigger, surrender it over to God and proceed to the next step.

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