Prayer Request For Guidance In Adoption

Submitted By:   Amy Mathiew

Prayer Request: Hello sisters. May of this year I had a complete hystorectomy and my husband and I aren’t blessed with children. On the fifth day after my surgery I had an over welming feeling of complete loss and emptiness. I cried till I fell asleep. This happened every day for 5 days. I want a baby. I need to be a mother and have the love of a child. I know there are plenty of people who know how hurting this is. I will be 40 next year and the one thing I’ve prayed for and dreamed of still hasn’t happened yet. I know now I don’t have to give birth to my own child, I can have a blessing from someone else by adopting. With all the children in this world it’s still very frustrating trying to figure out where how and when to do the right thing. I know God wants us to be parents. I feel it. Please pray that we see and understand Gods signs and follow through with them and make our hearts full with the love of a child by adoption.