Prayer Request: Lost in the World

I am in a lot of trouble. I’m in an abusive relationship. I’m so scared but I can’t just walk out as I have no other option. My fiance is all I have right now but he beats me up everytime we have financial problems. We have just had a baby who is 3 months and life is so hard because I haven’t even gotten my UIF for maternity leave. My fiance knows the bible very well, he has a side that really loves God but another which smokes dagga and gets out of control. He has taught me most of what I know spiritually. Please pray for him to stop smoking so we don’t argue then he hurts me. His mother is currently sleeping in hospital High care.  She has low oxygen, heart disease, as well as bad kidneys. Please pray for the restoration of health. Worse part is we are supposed to be getting married by September but by the looks of things we will be short of money. Please pray for our plans to wed! Thank you!