When Power Goes To Your Head


For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? —Mark 8: 36

Have you ever seen the movie or read the book ‘Lord Of The Rings’?

The story mainly revolves around a ring that has the power to control the whole Middle Earth. It’s amazing and quite mind boggling as to how something so small and simple as a ring drove so many people insane, caused mass murders, and changed friends to foes.

That is exactly what power does to us. 

If you let power consume you, your life will be ruled by greed, selfishness and pride.  You can not only lose the people in your life, you can also lose yourself in the process.

Men, even during the early times have fallen victim to power. It has broken up families, ruined lives and has made good people turn bad, so to speak.

What is your ring? What is that one seemingly ordinary thing that has been ruling your heart and dictating your life?

Is it love and obsession over material wealth, is it a grudge or hatred in your heart, is it your popularity, or the need to be accepted by everyone else?

What has been your driving force that you will fight for and are willing to die for until the very end? Whatever it is, Is it worth losing everything; Your possessions, Your loved ones, Your life?  Are you aware of the emotional toll it’s taking on your soul?

The ring in the story was carried by Frodo, the Hobbit who was the least corrupted and therefore least to be affected by the rings power.

The uncorrupted soul, that is the soul that has pure motives and no intentions of using the power that is bestowed on him is the one that is most worthy to possess it.  For they will protect the power with responsibility but will not use it against other people.

Although unaffected by the ring though, Frodo was burdened by it.  Power can be such a burden.  The rich and the powerful who let their “ring” rule them end up losing everything they have worked so hard for.  If you watch or read the news, you know that power and money when not used wisely can ruin a life.

The ring in the story could only be destroyed where it was created. The same goes for you. Your obsession can only be destroyed by your willingness to do so. You are the only one who can destroy your driving force because you are the one who created it.

Don’t let a power trip destroy your life. The people you’re waving bye to on your way up, just might be the people you’re waving hello to on your way back down!