3 Valuable Lessons We Can All Learn From King David


2. Pay evil with good.

The story of David and then king, King Saul was narrated in the book of I Samuel chapters 24 and 26.

We read about how King Saul wanted to kill David so much because he was threatened by David being favored by God. We were amazed by how many times life presented David with the chance to kill Saul but he spared his life.

Is there someone in your neighborhood, workplace, school, home and/or community who is “wicked” to you no matter how kind you try to be to them? If yes, respond to them the way David did. Be humble and patient. Do not stretch out your hand against them, but pray for them instead.

Yes, it can be hard to pray for people who have hurt you or want to harm you. But remember that we won’t win them by fighting back. We win them in Christ by turning the other cheek.

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Charmaine Belonio
Charmaine writes and blogs about personal development and all things motivating and inspiring.
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