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Will You Be Prepared?

god approved

god approved

I simply smiled as I sat reading a great book titled “Reverse the Generation Curse”.

As I talked to God, I began thinking of all the many blessings that he’d bestowed upon me. As I sat on the couch that brisk Sunday afternoon, I glanced over at the china cabinet. In that cabinet, contained our families diplomas and degrees, along with pictures of each graduate proudly exhibiting their joy of accomplishment.

As I smiled, memories began flooding my mind like a river. On the day of my college graduation, my car was experiencing trouble. Despite that, Gods grace covered us and my family made it there and safely back home.

On the way back, about a mile from home, it broke down and had to be towed. However, he was gracious enough to spare me from being in an accident. He was gracious enough to allow me to make it to a gas station and not have my car stalled in traffic. Lastly, he was gracious enough to allow me to have enough money to pay for a tow. Isn’t He amazing?

Then I glanced at my certificate from North Carolina A&T. I’d attended a television bootcamp on their campus. We survived a 17 hour drive, in a snowstorm through treacherous mountainous terrain in a beat up Dodge Neon. God’s grace carried my Mom and I safely there and back.

I looked over at my 8th grade diploma. Both parents attended, along with my Aunt and Uncle. They were so proud. Unbeknownst to me, my aunt kept my diploma preserved all of these years. We’d moved and who knows where it would have been had she not done so. (See how God was gracious enough to keep it secure)

Then there was my high school graduation. Ah…my time of rebellion, cutting class and ending up in an alternative school. It was truly a life changing experience that allowed me to gain the meaning of life, who I was, and my purpose. Some wasn’t so sure I’d graduate, but for me, it was never a question. Mrs. Hawkins helped shape us in ways you can only imagine. Not only did I graduate, but as Class Valedictorian. Lol, oh, yes, there is a God!

On the top shelf held my daughter’s high school diploma. This diploma held so much meaning. Until that time, she had attended a private Christian school. It was closing soon and I needed to make some major decisions. Financially, I was unable to put her in another private school.

Against my better judgement, I enrolled her in the local public school. In my heart, I knew she wasn’t a fit. As she stood in line to enter the school, sadness consumed her. I sat in my car sobbing, riddled with guilt as I cried out to God. As I pulled into our parking lot, I saw her. I yelled out loud,“that’s her”.

“Her” was Mrs.Leonard, a lady whom I previously met at a meeting. She was the Director of a small private school/homeschoolers. God strategically placed her there at that moment for a purpose.

Later that same day, I went into the school and told the administrator that I knew it may sound crazy, and I know that I just put her in here, but God told me to pull her out. Oh, did I forget to mention his exact words to me were “You put her in here, now you want to take her out?” They may have presumed I was imbalanced or something, but when God speaks…you listen!

After they relocated the following year, I was faced with the same dilemma. That’s when God spoke a word into my spirit…”Do it yourself.” Say who, say what? I’d never heard of homeschooling until then, but God was gracious enough to equip us with everything we needed to push through.

It was by far one of the best decisions and greatest times of my life. My daughter and I grew a bond that most mothers only dream about. She has since gone on to be an honors college student and I couldn’t be more proud.

Although the accomplishments are good, our joy should be found in the Lord. His grace is sufficient and He will give you everything you need, if you allow Him.

We make all of these preparations for school or our careers, but how are we preparing for eternal life?

What have we done or what are we doing to equip ourselves to meet the maker of all mankind?

Our souls are by far the most important aspect of our total being. Now, don’t get me wrong, obtaining accolades both professionally and personally)  is wonderful.

However, when I leave this earth, my diplomas and degrees will still be sitting in that cabinet.

How we prepare ourselves for eternal life will follow us…well eternally.

Therefore, your praise should NEVER be in your accolades…but in our Savior.