3 Ways To Embrace Change

woman with happy face

Change is the only thing constant.

Trying to resist change is like resisting life itself. For everything that’s involved in life is changing.

Most people hate change. They oppose change to happen and try to stop it as much as they can. You cannot fight change because no matter how hard you try, change will surely occur.

Here are ways to embrace change:

Anticipate change

As change is part of the process of growing and progressing, expect change to happen. Expect that there will be reshuffling at work or changes in schedules, administration, policies and even the appearance of the building or office.
Anticipate change in every relationship you have because we’re all human and as humans change is inevitable. Life is a constant change. People change. Always.

Remember that everything happens for a reason

Before you react to change, remember the reason for change.
Change at the workplace may be because of the economy, the market demand, new projects, or to accommodate other people.
Change in your appearance is obviously due to biology.
Change in other’s behavior may have been cause by a lot of things. It could be that the person you once knew to be funny is now more serious because of some serious problems or major life transformation he or she is going through.
Even the change in your usual traffic route has a reason for the change. It could be that there’s an accident in the area you often take.

Look at how you will benefit from it

There are pros and cons in every situation. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages, but focus more on the good.
A change in your work policy or organizational structure may be a chance for your early and prompt promotion.
Take advantage of the perks or benefits you will get from the change.

Change could sometimes hurt. Change is uncomfortable. Change is always difficult at the beginning.
Learn to embrace the process of change because it is vital if you want to succeed or to see an improvement in your life.
Remember this English Proverb: Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.