Enjoy The Moment


There was a study which suggested that people felt happier and tend to be in better moods on Fridays. We call that the “weekend effect”.

Many people anticipate Friday as soon as Monday arrives and then count down the days until it is Friday again and the cycle continues.

We often tend to anticipate the future and wish to get through things quicker in order to get to various places or stages in our lives.

When we were younger we may have wanted to grow up and become an adult sooner. There may be times where we wish we had a remote control where we could fast forward the days or moments, in our lives, which we don’t like.

It is important to remember that each day, no matter how good or bad, is a gift from God. It also comes with blessings and many things for us to see, experience and learn.

If we spent our whole lives wanting to speed through to specific parts, we will end up missing important moments and not appreciating the now.

We learn new things every day. We grow and discover who we are when we go through trials and challenges. We also gain skills and qualities which enable us to become who we currently are and who we will soon become.

God has put us in the right place where we need to be, learning what we need to learn. We need to endure where we are because everything we experience today will lead us to where God wants us to be tomorrow.

Each day we have lived has helped to form who we are. Life is made up of small moments which we collate together to create our lifespan.

God has great plans for our future. The process in our journey to get there is just as important as the end destination.

If we feel stuck in a particular stage of life or struggle to endure, ask God for strength and also ask Him what He wants us to learn so that we can move on. This will help us to gain courage to face what is around the corner and to persevere all.

God wants us to press on towards the goal to win the prize that He has called us for (Philippians 3:13-14).

He doesn’t want us to rush or bypass things, but to press on, live and endure the race until we reach the final goal.

There are no loopholes but just courage, grace and strength. We will get there eventually; just hold on and embrace life each day at a time.

Don’t focus solely on your destination; focus on what you can do today so that you don’t miss what is in front of you.