Esther Joy

Esther Joy
Esther Joy is a Social Worker, author and blogger who enjoys writing about faith and maintaining a strong and positive identity.

God Can Turn it Around

god can turn it around
God can turn plans of evil for good. He can turn our sadness into joy, bad news into good news, and a mess into a great message.

Are You Rushing Through Life or Living in the Moment?

There was a study which suggested that people felt happier and in better moods from Friday night and coined the term. the 'weekend effect.' Many people anticipate Friday as soon as Monday arrives and then count down the days until it is Friday again and the cycle continues. We often tend to anticipate the future and wish to get through things...

God Has Not Forgotten You

Some people have demanding jobs which keeps them constantly on the move and having to remember various tasks. Often when I have many deadlines and tasks on my to-do list, I struggle to get through them all and so sometimes side-line and neglect some tasks. At work, I know that if I am assigned to do something, I need to get...

Still Waiting on God’s Perfect Timing?

woman waiting on god
Sometimes we pray for things we're not ready for. Be patient... God is getting you ready!