God Has Not Forgotten You


Some people have demanding jobs which keeps them constantly on the move and having to remember various tasks.
Often when I have many deadlines and tasks on my to-do list, I struggle to get through them all and so sometimes side-line and neglect some tasks.
At work, I know that if I am assigned to do something, I need to get to it right away, otherwise I may forget and then it piles onto the bottom of my to-do list.

God actively works 24/7 and He does not sleep. No matter how many times we call on Him, He never turns us away. He also never forgets His promises for our lives. God does not side-line our requests nor misplace our blessings. He prioritises our every need to ensure that we get the very best.
He is a faithful God who cannot lie nor change His mind. Whatever He promises, He fulfils (Numbers 23:19).
Remember that what God has for us will never pass us by. What is meant for us will never miss us, regardless of what we are going through.
God can turn any situation around. He can exchange our pain and sorrow into joy and our despair into praise (Isaiah 61:3).

We often get stuck in a rut when we try to rely solely on our own strength and resources, which can run out. We can grow tired and then feel heavy and burdened, particularly, when we feel things get even more difficult. However, God never gets tired nor does He run out of resources, love, grace, mercy or solutions to our problems.

God knows and understands what we are going through. He also knows what we need to get through it. That is why He frequently tells us to not worry about our problems or allow it to take over our minds (Matthew 6:34).
God does not want us to grow weary and tired from trying to fix our problems on our own. He wants to take the load off of our shoulders and carry the burdens we hold, so that we can concentrate on other matters that benefit and nourish us.

God said that we can cast all of our worries and anxieties on to Him (not some, but all) – (1 Peter 5:7). He cares about every little detail of our lives. Take all your cares to Him and He will exchange it with peace.
God has carried out many selfless acts for us and on our behalf, so He won’t stop now.

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t think that God has forgotten about you. Don’t think that your problem is too difficult for God or something that He would not care about.
When we look to God as the source of our strength, hope and provision, we will feel calm and secure knowing that we are in safe hands.
There is nothing too hard for God. He hand-crafted our lives and so He will complete and fulfil every promise for us.