Felecia Datus

Felecia Datus
Felecia is a graduate of Andrews University with a passion for mission work. She enjoys writing devotionals that will inspire people to seek after God. She currently lives in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

The Bible Toting, Scripture Quoting Christian

I have a strange, odd (and wasteful) habit; I tote fruit. I’m being serious. I buy fruit with every intention of eating it, but end up carrying it around with me. Apples are my choice victims. I purchase a bag of apples and plan to...

God Sees You Sis!

Who hasn't been in that awkward situation where you send someone a message, it shows that they have 'seen' the message, but they don't reply? 'Hmm,' you wonder. "Is this person ignoring me?" Or have you ever delayed responding to a message after you opened...

7 Biblical Lessons We Can Learn From Joseph’s Story

Joseph’s story is one of my favorites in the Bible. Here are 7 Biblical Lessons We Can Learn From Joseph's Story...

Use Your Father’s Name

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. - Luke 18:27

Are You In Need Of Spiritual Rest?

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him. - Psalm 37:7 There were two awful forms of punishment I hated in elementary school: the ruler and nap time. It was the worst thing to hear a teacher say, “Put your heads on the desks!”...