Felecia Datus

Felecia Datus
Felecia is a graduate of Andrews University with a passion for mission work. She enjoys writing devotionals that will inspire people to seek after God. She currently lives in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

The Bible Toting, Scripture Quoting Christian

bible toters
I have a strange, odd (and wasteful) habit; I tote fruit. I’m being serious. I buy fruit with every intention of eating it, but end up carrying it around with me. Apples are my choice victims. I purchase a bag of apples and plan to eat one every day. I’d put one in my lunch bag or purse, but never...

God Sees You Sis!

god sees you
Who hasn't been in that awkward situation where you send someone a message, it shows that they have 'seen' the message, but they don't reply? 'Hmm,' you wonder. "Is this person ignoring me?" Or have you ever delayed responding to a message after you opened it, then had the person ask you why you didn't respond? No doubt, it's an uncomfortable...

7 Biblical Lessons We Can Learn From Joseph’s Story

woman reading bible
Joseph’s story is one of my favorites in the Bible. Here are 7 Biblical Lessons We Can Learn From Joseph's Story...

Use Your Father’s Name

fathers name
The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. - Luke 18:27

Are You In Need Of Spiritual Rest?

spiritual rest
Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him. - Psalm 37:7 There were two awful forms of punishment I hated in elementary school: the ruler and nap time. It was the worst thing to hear a teacher say, “Put your heads on the desks!” I could never understand why in the world anyone would want to take a nap...

Will You Pout or Praise?

pout or praise
Are you in a season of waiting and wondering how much longer will God make you wait? A more important question is, will you pout or praise?

It Will Be Greater Later

greater later
Let’s talk about sex! There will be quite a number of Christians reading this article who have had sex or participated in some form of sexual activity before marriage. For some, there is little to no guilt or shame in having shared something sacred before the right time. For others, the guilt of having sex before marriage has caused...

7 Godly Alternatives To Your Guilty Pleasure

guilty pleasure
What do you do when you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and want some “me time”? Some indulge in their favorite junk food, drink their sorrows away , engage in impure sexual activities, spend hours on Facebook or Instagram, spend or shop impulsively, or sleep the day away. For me, I would go on a movie binge! I would sit for...

3 Qualities To Look For in a Godly Man

godly man
Researchers have discovered that one of the reasons why women tend to choose men who are older than they are is because women want a male companion who can provide for her and her offspring and ensure a comfortable nest. Women naturally want to feel secure and therefore factors such as strength, finances, mental and emotional stability play a...

When a Man Is Not Ready…

when a man is not ready
When a woman gets to the stage where marriage seems to be the single most important thing in the universe, the doors of temptation fling wide open. Patience, grace, and feminine mystique are put to the ultimate test. But sisters, here’s one thing to remember; DO NOT approach a man when he is hungry or thirsty! My dad does not...

7 Ways To Tell If He’s Ready For Marriage

Mature Enough For Marriage
In order for a Christ-built relationship to form, each of these pillars must be mature enough at least to bear the brunt of carving in order to make it better.