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7 Ways To Tell If He’s Ready For Marriage

Mature Enough For Marriage

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Childhood can be beautiful. The pureness of a child’s laughter, the innocence of their judgements, the genuine curiosity of their questions, the fragility of their movements and the honesty in their mistakes makes us rush forward and hold them in a tight embrace.

At the same time, their unceasing energy and disobedience, their inability to see the world from someone else’s perspective and their selfishness causes us to wish they would grow up and mature.

Ecclesiastes 10:16 says ‘Woe to you, o land when your king is a child’.

In other words, woe to the woman whose man is a boy…woe to the man whose wife-to-be is mentally pre-pubescent girl.

Singlehood is just as beautiful as childhood. It is a life to be enjoyed. However, when loneliness hits or when we allow culture to shape our thinking, we look for the seemingly best person to hitch our single horse to, thinking that it will make us happy. In our shortsightedness and lack of patience, we wind up in a relationship with someone who is immature. Ladies, if he talks while he chews or burps loudly, that is not what makes him immature.

Gentleman, her inability to keep a house is not the biggest sign of childishness. One can be immature spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially, physically, socially, and educationally.

We all have growing to do in these aspects; that goes without saying. However, there are those who are seriously lacking; lacking so much so that they are simply not prepared for a relationship and surely not marriage.

In order for a Christ-built relationship to form, each of these pillars must be solid enough at least to bear the brunt of carving in order to make it better.

Here are 7 Ways To Know If He’s Ready For Marriage…

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