7 Godly Alternatives To Your Guilty Pleasure

guilty pleasure

What do you do when you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and want some “me time”?

Some indulge in their favorite junk food, drink their sorrows away , engage in impure sexual activities, spend hours on Facebook or Instagram, spend or shop impulsively, or sleep the day away.

For me, I would go on a movie binge! I would sit for hours and watch movie after movie so that I could escape from whatever problem I was facing at the time.

Not surprisingly, after my binge was over, my problem was still there and I felt worse than I did before I filled my mind with garbage.

We will always face overwhelming situations in life. Professors seem to take joy in giving tons of papers to write, the job is demanding, ministry can be overwhelming, relationships go on the rocks, there is never enough money, your children act like the energizer bunny, the laundry never disappears, and the list goes on. You get the point.

When hard times come, we just want to escape, even if it’s just for a brief moment. Our first instinct is to please flesh. The culture today is ramping up the message for us to do as we please, follow our hearts, and indulge in whatever feels good.

There is a constant push to seek after “me time” and to cater to whatever you may be craving at the moment.

However,“Me Time” should not be about gratifying selfish desires. Instead, change it to be about restoring yourself in God.

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Marjorie Peirce
Marjorie Peirce

My ‘choices’ have been to do almost all of those things. And yet, I know that by Not Making A Choice, I am making a choice. A choice to say God can’t deal with this problem. A choice to say that I am rebelling against doing God’s choice because of so many reasons. A choice to choose laziness instead of action. To choice to remain defeated instead of victorious through Jesus. To make The Wrong Choice. I have always been indecisive and need to seek God on the root of the problem so that I can give it to Him… Read more »