4 Things I Wish I Could Do Over

I was having dinner with some friends this weekend and we got into a deep converstion about the things we would do differently if given a chance. I listened to everyone share their thoughts and regrets. Then it was my turn. At first, my response was; “I wouldn’t change anything… Because everything I’ve been through is what made me the praying woman I am today.” but I was lying without even knowing it at that time. and upon further thinking…. I’ve realized that there are a few things that I try so hard to block out my memory and not even acknowledge about myself.

Here are 5 Things I Wish I Could Do Over:


I’m a single mom to one beautiful daughter and I love being a mom. Her dad and I divorced when she was only 4 years old. Our divorce was hard on her. I’ll admit… I over compensated with gifts.. fancy clothes, the best toys… whatever she wanted she got because for years, I blamed myself for my marriage ending and this was my way of making it up to her. Boy was I wrong. I did more damage than good. If I knew what I know now, I would teach her about humility, It’s not about name brands, material things don’t define a person… it’s what’s in their heart that matters.

Payed attention to God

So many times, I heard God’s voice but I ignored it because it wasn’t what I wanted to hear at the time. Bad decision. Truth is… I could have saved myself alot of heartache and grief had I listened and guarded my heart. Looking back, I can now see all the times God gave me warning signs and tried to save me from myself. But I didn’t listen. Instead, I found a way to flip it on Him and blame Him for everything that went wrong in my life even though I was the one living outside His will, making ungodly choices, and having no regard for His word.

Taking today for granted

Why is it that we take those we love the most for granted the most? I’m not sure, but Oh how I wish I could have just one more day with some of my loved ones who are no longer here on this earth. I would tell them how much I love them, Appreciate them, and how blessed I am to have them in my life. I try to make this a habit now because life’s too short and no one is promised tomorrow.

Be More Appreciative

Looking back on my childhood and early adult years, I realize that I was very unappreciative of the things my mom sacrificed for myself and my siblings. For years I was bitter because my mom couldn’t give us all the bells and whistles we wanted like most of our friends were accustomed to. Now I realize that she did the best she could, and I’m grateful for that. She didn’t have to. But she did. She could have given up. She could have decided she no longer wanted to struggle taking care of 3 kids on her own. But she didn’t… and I love her for that. Too bad I didn’t tell her that when I had the chance.

Is there anything you would do over?