5 Prayers Every Mother Needs To Pray

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I am a big believer in a mother’s prayer.

All prayers are powerful, but I feel a mother’s sincere prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have has a parent.

Praying has been a staple in my life as a parent. Prayer guides me, aides me when times are tough, comforts me, and provides insights.

It was my prayers that often made the difference in how things turned out with my children. I believe they might have turned out for the worse if I had not uttered them.

As I reflect back on the years of raising my children, these 5 prayers stand out as transformative and life changing for me and my children.

1. “Please God, help me see any talents or gifts my children have that they’re meant to develop, that I may not otherwise see.”

I started uttering this prayer when my oldest daughter was only a toddler. I feel the prayer was given to me to make sure certain events played out in her life. Otherwise, I may have missed them when they presented themselves!

It is interesting that the answer to this prayer was received more than a decade after it’s first utterance.


2. “Please God, if this is correct for my child to experience, please support everything coming together to allow it and to keep them safe. If it’s not correct for them, please cause an interference so it cannot come to pass.”

When my oldest son was 15, he came home from school one day and announced that he was going to ride his bike across the country with a best friend and the friend’s adult brother.

We found this interesting, because he didn’t own a road bike and he hadn’t really ridden a bike on a regular basis in the past.

Somehow though, I knew before I had even uttered this prayer, that I was to allow this to unfold and see what happened. So instead of laughing at the idea or questioning it’s validity, my husband and I got behind him.

As things developed and plans were made, I felt prompted to utter this prayer. I knew I had nothing to worry about if God deemed it correct for my son.

Everything came together, and in late May of his 15th year, my son and his best friend and brother rode their bikes across the country, arriving in Yorktown, VA the week of the 4th of July.

While my son was riding his bike across the country, the most common question other mothers asked me was, “aren’t you nervous or scared for his safety?” But because of my prayer, I knew my son was in God’s hands and all would be well.

3. “Please God, help me notice if there’s anything my child emotionally needs from me, and help me to take initiative to give it to them.”

I started uttering this prayer when my children were young and there was a lot going on.

Four children ages six and under is a lot of commotion a lot of the days of parenting, as many of you know very well.

I knew meeting their emotional needs was essential to their healthy development into adulthood.

This prayer aided me in being successful in that role as their mother.


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