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7 Powerful Prayers For Guidance and Direction

Protect Me From the Enemy

It’s true. You have an adversary who wants to attack your desires, your thoughts, even how you see and treat your body.

It’s imperative that you’re on guard against the devil’s schemes. If you’re in need of protection from the enemy, pray this prayer:

Heavenly Father, You give us life. You hold all power in Your hands.

In You are only good things. Lord, in You is healing of the nations. In You is freedom from worry and freedom from pain.

Today, I ask that you forgive me of my faults, my sins, and anything else that may separate me from You. In Your Spirit, Your gift of healing is alive. In You Lord, I can place my trust.

Protect me from the enemy, that I may choose life over death today. At this time of much needed healing and change, I pray that I be born again in You. Amen.