7 Types of People Who Give The Best Advice

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Some people mean well and have the best intentions, but simply offer very bad advice. On the other hand, be careful… some people really don’t have your best interest in mind and will offer advice they wouldn’t even think about following themselves.

So who can you trust? How do you know what advice to hold on to and what advice to dismiss with the quickness?

Here are the best people to get advice from:


experienced woman

Will give advice that has proven time and time again to work or not work. They have walked in your shoes before and know first hand how to get to the root of your issue.


godly woman

Will give advice that can be backed by scripture. Not only will she offer Godly advice, she’ll pray that God’s will be done and revealed to you.


seasoned woman

Will give advice based on years of wisdom. They have lived long enough to see a few things. She’s a mother figure, an eldress, or a member of the mother’s board.


advice from strangers

Will give unbiased advice. Sometimes the people we know have a tendency to be biased when it comes to advice. The best advice doesn’t always come from those who know us the best.

Voice of Reason

voice of reason

Will give advice that is best for you. They won’t agree with everything you say just because they are your friend/ family. They only want you to do what’s right.


compassionate woman

Will give advice based on the heart. They give advice based on how they would prefer to be treated. They would never give you advice they wouldn’t follow themselves.

Born again

born again christian

Will give non-judgemental advice. They know what’s it’s like to be judged and ridiculed for their actions. For this reason, they usually offer straight forward advice without the judgement that comes with it.

Maya L. Ralston

Maya is a Relationship Counselor and Certified Life Coach. She loves using her God given gifts to pour into the lives of others.

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