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Am I Asking For Too Much?


Prayer Request:

I am a divorced mother of 3 amazing kids. About 2 years ago I met someone and the relationship started out slow as friends and the relationship grew from there. I do love him and I believe he loves me. He is nothing like my ex, he is honest, faithful and doesn’t go out and party all night. However, after being together for 2 years and being a part of my kids life for almost as long, he does not love them. This is the topic of most of our arguments lately. I asked him if he did love them and he said that he did not know. I asked him if he ever could and he said that he probably could. But they needed to be better behaved before he could (they are 7-8-11). They act like most kids, you have to repeat yourself a time or two before they listen but they are not bad kids! I do not believe that my kids should have to strive for acceptance from any man only GOD and he has already accepted them. He says that he cares for them, but when he says anything to them it’s always about what they are doing wrong, and very little in the way of praise for doing something right. This scares me because he would like to get married one day and have kids with me, but what will happen with my kids if that happens? I need prayer and guidance and advice. I just want my kids to be loved, I don’t think that is too much to ask for.

What are your thoughts? Any advice for this young lady?