5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Pursuit of Purpose


Walking through the journey of life, which should entirely mean pursuit of purpose, is not as easy as we would wish it to be. It requires hard work, commitment and most importantly resilience. With the heavy presence of storms that characterize the sail through life, one can easily get distracted, discouraged and throw in the towel.

Here’s 5 ways to Stay Motivated in your Pursuit of Purpose:

1. Remember the big picture

Sometimes life’s episodes takes us through dark tunnels, fearful and draining experiences, which can leave us feeling confused and lost.

When faced with such challenges one can easily get distracted and tempted to focus at the glaring reality which in such circumstances is a contrast of their desired destiny.

To avoid resigning to the present situation and losing focus, one needs to keep in mind the big picture (purpose of existence).

Therefore, whenever the waters become murky and seemingly unnavigable, always remember your why – the reason why you’re on that journey.

Remembering your ‘why’ produces resilience and stamina to keep going.

2. Appreciate the gift of life

To win life’s battles one needs to face life with a united self. Failing to conquer self fuels unnecessary struggles as one becomes unhappy with just about everything in their life. As a result their progress is derailed as they shift their focus inwards rather than outwards.

One way of conquering this self crippling mentality is by appreciating life as a gift from God rather than focusing on what is not going right. With feelings of goodness emanating from within, one can front a powerful defense towards life battles and be assured of conquest.

3. Celebrate your accomplishments

Take time off and thank yourself for every achievement you make. An accomplishment results from heavy input of hard work, sacrifice and time, and should be rewarded. Treating yourself will replenish your energy levels for greater tasks ahead.

4. Master your time

Alan Lakein said, “Time = Life, therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life.” Every person under the sun is credited with 24 hours of time each day and what one makes of their time impacts directly on their life.

You need to manage your time optimally and avoid wasting your life through missed opportunities due to sluggishness or idleness. Managing time well will also save you from feelings of guilt for missed or delayed opportunities hence avoid messing up your happiness.

Because to stay motivated you really need your happiness intact.

5. Maintain spiritual connection with the author and commissioner of life

The last and apparently the most important factor to staying motivated is your connection status with the giver of life and purpose. Work at developing a closer and more intimate relationship with God and surrender your life to His will.

Who is well-versed with the ins and outs of a structure (your life) than the master planner Himself?

Seeking God for direction in life is a sure way of keeping motivated, as one is assured and convinced the path He directs you to walk in will deliver you to your destination.

In addition, enlisting His presence on your journey gives assurance of assistance and lifting whenever an obstacle is encountered.